Coins, Keys, and Candy for Cuties
What are your thoughts on what marvel is doing now? Will it have any kind of affect on the movie universe?


I don’ cuuure.

Look at this thing: This might be a good car if you were a Babar style Elephant that lived among men in human clothes. You could travel accross the country with some bird dudes who could scout ahead and then have the roof rack to land on and you wouldn’t even have to stop.

I wonder if the steering wheel would need to be fixed for elephant hands though..


one perk to being in a relationship is that you get to use each other as desks

you dont want to know where she stores her pencils


sorry 4 art spam


sorry 4 art spam


A macabre and unusual Japanese Okimono and another similar Okimono, Meiji period (1868-1912).

Prop Designs from Wreck-It Ralph by Scott Watanabe